Make Every Letter Matter

At Lollipop Copy, we've branded a wide variety of things - from hookah pipes to life coaches, from DJ services to virtual assistants. We've written copy for catalogs, brochures, newspaper articles and Web sites.

But that's not the best part. The writing style is what gives a piece its flavor, and we've written in every voice from whimsical to warm and welcoming to flat-out business-like. And no, we're not schizophrenic, we're just really talented.

Take a gander at our portfolio and pick your favorite flavor.

Ashby McDonald Baltimore Sun - New Year Baltimore Sun - Sammy Sosa Baltimore Sun - Football
JCPenney Organized Condo Living Wall-to-wall Football America's Promise
Reliaquote Direct Mail Washington Post Air Travel Direct Mail Wall Street Journal Professional Women Direct Mail Your Alter Egos tagline

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